Flood Update & Force Majeure Event

June 01, 2019
Significant precipitation in the Central United States has led to near record Midwestern flooding, which is impacting Mississippi Limeā€™s distribution and supply capabilities.Ā  As a result, we regret to advise that Mississippi Lime is declaring a force majeure event.Ā  While the flood conditions causing this force majeure event do not... READ MORE

Flood Statement

May 02, 2019
The Midwest is again experiencing considerable precipitation and flooding, which has the potential to impact customers supplied out of our Ste. Genevieve, Missouri; Vicksburg, Mississippi; Chester, South Carolina; and Weirton, West Virginia facilities. As a result, Mississippi Lime has begun preparing to deal with conditions along the Mississippi River. While... READ MORE


March 15, 2019
The Central Plains and Midwest have experienced considerable precipitation this year and as a result, Mississippi Lime has begun preparing to deal with flooding conditions along the Mississippi River. While these flood conditions do not affect our ability to produce products, the flooding situation will immediately affect our ability to... READ MORE

Enhanced hydrated lime capacity announcement

November 30, 2018
St. LOUIS, MO ā€“ (December 1, 2018) ā€“Ā Mississippi Lime Company, a leading producer of high calcium quicklime, hydrated lime and calcium carbonate, announced today that they are significantly increasing enhanced hydrated lime capacities at their Weirton, WV and Verona, KY facilities.Ā  Mississippi Limeā€™s products employ industry leading technology for efficient... READ MORE

2019 Price Increase Notification

October 31, 2018
Effective January 1, 2019, Mississippi Lime will increase prices for quicklime, hydrated lime, and calcium carbonate products by up to 12%, subject to contractual obligations. Mississippi Limeā€™s costs are rising at higher rates than in recent years due to energy, mining, labor, and in-bound freight. In addition, growing lime demand... READ MORE

Important Carrier Service Notification

July 02, 2018
The trucking industry is experiencing some extreme challenges regarding hiring and maintaining quality drivers due to recently implemented electronic logs, reduced hours of service, a strong economy, rail service issues, and the overall ability to attract people into this industry. Mississippi Lime has felt the impact of the driver shortage... READ MORE