Flood Update & Force Majeure Event

July 19, 2019

Mississippi Lime is pleased to report that Midwestern flood levels have receded sufficiently enough to enable us to resume normal barge and rail loading and shipping.

We are grateful to our customers, our employees, and our communities for their hard work and understanding during this difficult time. The Mississippi Lime team has been committed to keeping our customer base supplied during this event and remains focused on restoring supply chain health.

As we have previously communicated, Mississippi Lime’s distribution and supply capabilities were greatly impacted by unprecedented flooding resulting from significant precipitation in the Central United States this Spring and early Summer.  Flooding on the Mississippi River forced the closure of our barge loading facilities on May 1st and an alternate barge loading facility on May 31st.  Also, the flood gates near our Ste. Genevieve, MO facility were closed on May 3rd forcing us to use an alternate rail route, which reduced shipment capacity and increased costs.

We apologize for the challenges this event may have caused, and we will continue to work diligently to keep our customers informed.  We greatly appreciate our customers’ business, understanding, and willingness to work with us.