Quicklime (calcium oxide), hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) and limestone (calcium carbonate) are used for various construction-related purposes including soil stabilization and modification, asphalt and building construction applications. Quicklime and hydrated lime are primarily used today in soil stabilization for roads, airfields and building foundations, where it upgrades low quality soils into usable base and sub-base materials.

Mississippi Lime has a broad portfolio of products for use in the construction industry. Standard Quicklime and Standard Hydrated Lime are used in soil stabilization and modification applications. Standard Hydrated Lime and our CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate are used in asphalt applications as an anti-strip and functional filler, respectively. Standard Hydrated Lime and Architectural Lime Putty are used in building construction applications as mortar and plaster components. CalCarb® Calcium Carbonate serves as a component in the manufacture of roofing materials.

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