Calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate are used in waste water, sludge and bio-solids treatment and flue gas treatment. Quicklime, hydrated lime and limestone are some of the most versatile minerals used in industry. These products are employed for acid neutralization, precipitation, coagulation and pH control functions in a wide variety of environmental applications.

The use of calcium products in environmental markets has grown significantly in recent years as regulations have tightened and industry has discovered the advantages of lime — especially in the treatment of waste water, waste sludge, refuse, flue gas and other air emissions.

Waste water streams, whether industrial or municipal, may require pH adjustment and/or the removal of metallic contaminants before they can be discharged safely into the environment. Lime plays a very important role in the treatment of household and industrial waste sludge prior to disposal in landfills or as an agricultural supplement. Lime is also used to treat contaminated soils. Control of sulfur-containing compounds produced by the burning of fossil fuels at power generation plants and industrial facilities is mandated by the USEPA. Lime is used in both the removal of sulfur dioxide (SO2) as well as control of sulfite (SO3).

Mississippi Lime’s Standard Quicklime, Standard Hydrated Lime, Liquid Calcium Hydroxide, Liquid Calcium Hydroxide MP and FGD Limestone product families are widely used in chemical applications due to their quality and consistency.

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