Calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate products are used in a variety of food grade applications as a raw material, processing aid and water treatment additive. These calcium compounds are vital to the manufacture of many foods and food ingredients which require raw materials with Food Chemicals Codex certification.

Whether calcium products are used for calcium fortification, as a reactant or water treatment additive, food and food ingredient producers rely on Mississippi Lime’s VitaCal® family of food grade products. Long a market leader in food grade calcium products, Mississippi Lime products have set the standard for high quality and high consistency. VitaCal® products provide:

  • Low levels of lead, arsenic and other heavy metals
  • A high assay and available calcium content
  • Small particle sizing which is non-abrasive, low residue and easy dispersing
  • Engineered reactivity and oil absorption
  • A low cost source of calcium
  • Desirable mouth-feel
  • Consistent product color with high whiteness
  • No odor and low impart of taste
  • Good calcium bio-availability

Purity is the Difference