Other Applications

Mississippi Lime products have become the Standard of Excellence in many other applications not previously discussed. Some other market applications include:


CalCarb® Ag Stone calcium carbonate (limestone) are used to adjust the pH of soil to provide improved growing conditions thus improving crop yields. Feed Grade Limestone (F1) is used as a calcium additive for animal mineral feeds and as poultry grit.

Coal Industry

Pulverized limestone is applied to ceilings, walls and floors of mines as a slurry or dry powder in order to improve mine safety by deactivating the combustibility of coal dust. CalCarb® C2 Coal Mine Rockdust is the product of choice.

Corn Stover

Alkaline treatment of agricultural residue (i.e. corn stover, wheat straw) with lime enhances digestibility and nutritional value allowing for the replacement of a substantial portion of grain in cattle diets. Using lime-treated corn stover also eliminates the need for additional calcium supplements in a ruminant’s diet. Lime treatment results in significantly lower feed costs and improved profitability for cattle producers as well as a residue management opportunity and additional revenue stream for grain farmers. Visit stovercal.com.

Leather Tanning

The chemical treatment of animal hides requires several steps to produce a finished piece of leather that has the desired look, feel and strength to meet consumer’s expectations. One of the most important chemical treatment steps utilizes a slurry of Standard Hydrated Lime to remove the animal hair from the hides.

Parks & Recreation

Ground calcium carbonate is used for marking or lining various ball fields, including baseball, softball, football and soccer. CalCarb® AFM Athletic Field Marker is the product of choice.

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