Paint and Ink

Precipitated calcium carbonate and ground calcium carbonate products are used in many paint (architectural, industrial and traffic) and ink applications as either a function filler or TiO2 extender. Paints, inks and coatings are versatile and require specific solutions in order to maximize their performance. Without raw materials such as pigments and fillers, performance would suffer. Magnum Fill® and Magnum Gloss® Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) products are designed to provide optimum performance in coating and ink applications. These products provide:

  • Cost savings by reducing or extending TiO2 use
  • Functional benefits such as improved wet and dry hide
  • Improved optical properties, including increased opacity and exceptional gloss development for semi-gloss coatings

The ability to control the crystal morphology, discrete particle size, oil absorption and particle distribution is the key to the high performance capabilities of Magnum Fill® and Magnum Gloss® PCC.

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