Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide have a diverse range of functionality in the paper industry. Calcium carbonates are used in both paper coating and as a paper filler, while calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide are used in pulp/PCC manufacturing applications.

Mississippi Lime Company has merchant PCC facilities located at our Ste. Genevieve site serving paper mill customers from the wet end through the coating operations. The Magnum Gloss® Slurry, Magnum Gloss® Powder, Magnum Fill® Slurry, and Magnum Fill® Slurry product families are designed for both paper coating and paper filler applications. With superior blue-white shaded and engineered crystal morphology, the Mississippi Lime precipitated calcium carbonate products have excellent optical qualities for all paper-making applications.

Precipitated calcium carbonates are also manufactured in satellite facilities that are on-site or next to a paper making facility. Calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide is required as a raw material for the PCC manufacturing process. The lime is also a key component of the sulfate process in pulp plants where it is used to recausticize a waste calcium carbonate solution and regenerate sodium hydroxide for reuse in the process.

Mississippi Lime’s Standard Quicklime and Standard Hydrated Lime are widely used in both pulp and PCC manufacturing applications.

Standard Products

Standard Quicklime