Water Treatment

Calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate products are used in a variety of water treatment systems including potable water, process water and waste water applications. There are increasing needs for companies, municipalities and organizations to find cost-effective, safe and environmentally-friendly solutions to water treatment challenges. Quicklime and hydrated lime are used for softening, pH control and impurity removal in potable water systems as well as a neutralizing agent and precipitant in many industrial and municipal waste water applications.

Mississippi Lime manufactures a wide variety of high performance and cost-effective calcium products for use in water treatment applications. Standard Quicklime and Standard Hydrated Lime have been used in water treatment applications. These high purity products offer less insoluble grit and impurities, overall better performance, and reduced labor, maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

For more demanding industrial and food processing applications, Mississippi Lime offers a complete line of hydrated lime products including: Technical grade MicroCal® H Calcium Hydroxide, and food grade VitaCal® H Calcium Hydroxide. MicroCal® H offers improved purity and sizing attributes. VitaCal® H is exceptionally low in all heavy metal compounds including arsenic.

Mississippi Lime also offers a range of high purity limestone and calcium carbonate products for water treatment applications. These include the CalCarb® and Magnum Fill® Powder families of calcium carbonate products.