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Dolomitic Lime

As a result of its rich magnesium content and chemical profile, MLC’s Dolomitic Lime offers exceptional value in steel manufacturing applications, including electric arc furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces (BOF). 

Dolomitic Lime contains both magnesium oxide and calcium oxide. Mississippi Lime Dolomitic Lime is valued in the steel industry, as the high magnesium in the product helps to extend furnace refractory life by reducing the amount of wear the slag can cause during the production process. This creates opportunities to improve the efficiency and economy of milling processes by enabling refractories to last longer, reducing costs, labor, and GHG emissions associated with more frequent replacement. The Dolomitic Lime also acts as a fluxing agent. 

Product Gradations

Grades of MLC Dolomitic Lime offered from our Bonne Terre, MO operation: 

  • 2″ x 1″ 
  • 3/4” x 1/2” 
  • 7/16” x 0 
  • Granular 

All products are available to be shipped via bulk or packaged shipments. A variety of packaging sizes are available to accommodate our customers’ needs.