Our Journey

Lime is a versatile mineral that has played an integral part of everyday life for centuries. For over 100 years, MLC has been producing products from one of the richest limestone reserves in the world. Protecting this natural resource will ensure that we can support the evolving needs of society for many more years to come. That is one reason why MLC is committed to conducting business in an environmentally, socially and ethically responsible manner.

Developing a pathway to a more sustainable future will require setting bold ambitions.

Reliable Quality, Responsibly

The objectives for sustainability at Mississippi Lime are driven by priorities in three areas: Environmental, Social, and Governance. By promoting stewardship, ethical management, and responsibility in these areas, we can create positive impacts for both people and planet.

Sustainability Strategy

Fiona Woody, Director of Sustainability and ESG, discusses MLC’s core value for sustainability and developing a new ESG strategy for the company

Action Matters

MLC views ESG as a continuous improvement activity requiring dedicated leadership and engagement at all levels of the organization. Below are examples of recent activities focused on ESG improvements.

These latest actions are additional to other ongoing activities that impact our ESG footprint, which include:

  • Annual pay equity analysis
  • Optimizing our energy efficiency and supply chain to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Reducing waste at all our sites globally, as well as responsible cradle-to-grave waste management via our Birch Waste business in the UK
  • Capturing a portion of the CO2 we generate for re-use in circular production processes
  • Shifting toward greener energy sources globally, including bio-based energy through anaerobic digestion via our Birch Energy business in the UK
  • Restoration of quarried land at Singleton Birch, amounting to over 65 acres restored for agriculture and planting of 20,000 trees

2021 – 2022

Partnership reached with Origen for zero-carbon lime, pilot plant construction completed

MLC and our Singleton Birch business launched partnerships with Origen to develop scalable solutions for green lime produced with zero carbon emissions. Construction was completed in 2022 for the ZerCaL3 Pilot Plant in the UK.

2021 – 2022

Completed safety culture assessment and improvements

Following a third-party audit of Mississippi Lime’s safety culture, our EH&S team and Safety Steering Committee turned assessment results into actionable initiatives, including improvements for engagement, communication, and supervisory presence in work areas, as well as additional forums for safety questions.

Q1 2022

Added leadership role for ESG and Sustainability

Fiona Woody hired to new role of Director, Sustainability and ESG, reporting to the CEO

Q1 2022

Launched internal ESG training

Q3 2022

Completed comprehensive materiality study

The completed study will help to define Mississippi Lime’s ESG and Sustainability strategy.

Q4 2022

Launched greenhouse gas inventory

In 2022, we began the process of measuring our baselines for greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability metrics, including scopes 1, 2, and 3 and a product lifecycle analysis. This will serve as the basis for firm commitments to reduce our overall environmental footprint.

Q1 2023

Obtained FSSC 22000 certification

All food-grade operations were certified to meet the standards of FSSC 22000, a food safety management scheme recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), in addition to our existing certifications for AIB and ISO 9001:2015.

Q2 2023

Solar energy pilot testing

We have begun a test for the use of solar energy at our largest lime facility, to assess viability for a large solar array as a source of renewable energy.


Make firm commitments and report progress

We will set clear, measurable targets to improve our ESG and Sustainability. Progress toward reaching these goals will be communicated to our stakeholders on a routine basis.

2025 and Beyond

Continuously improve

We will continue to focus on reducing our environmental footprint, uplifting people and communities, and innovating for a more sustainable world.