Mississippi Lime Core Values: Operational Excellence

July 10, 2019

Mississippi Lime’s tradition of Operational Excellence

Often the last thing that happens to one of our products is that we put our name on it. Or, it’s delivered by a truck with our name on it. That may seem like a small thing, but it’s not.

When we put our name on our products, it says we stand behind them. We can do this because of our commitment to the core value of Operational Excellence in every phase of our business. Without it, we would potentially sacrifice quality, profitability and competitiveness.

On a corporate level, we have systems in place to improve excellence in operations and reward those who do it best. The Keyes Contributor Award is one example of how we promote an atmosphere of continuous improvement in Mississippi Lime Company.

Operational excellence is about safety.

We provide an environment where safety is a key part of all our operations. We set standards for safety, institute accident prevention programs and continually train our employees.

Operational excellence is also about environmental responsibility.

We integrate environmental considerations into our operations, as well. We make sure we meet or exceed environmental benchmarks, and are good stewards of the land we share with our neighbors.

We expect operational excellence from our vendors as well. Our Vision Mission Values (VMV) Committee recognizes both our employees and those outside of our organization who share our commitment to operational excellence.

Operational excellence is not just a set of rules. It can’t be static. It has to be a relentless drive to find new and better ways to make our operations safer, more efficient and more profitable.

What we do today continues our tradition of operational excellence — and what we do tomorrow ensures that this tradition will continue into the future.