November 18, 2019

Safety. Safety. Safety!

You hear about safety a lot at Mississippi Lime. It’s highlighted in posters around our facilities and it’s the subject of meetings, training and regular performance updates in our company.

We work diligently to make sure our operations are as safe as possible and we correct deficiencies when they occur. But to be truly safe requires the diligence of every employee all the time. We expect each employee to conduct himself or herself in a way that makes our workplace safe not only for them, but for their peers as well.

That means calling out any unsafe practice or condition. We realize that sometimes that can make for an uncomfortable situation, but not calling it out and having someone get hurt is far worse.

So we ask that our employees be proactive about safety, and always question if there are hazards and how we can reduce them. Ask yourself, Is there a way I can do this job with less risk? Am I willing to make the commitment to safe practices, even when no one is looking? Is there something in my current situation, or that of a co-worker, that could lead to a hazardous condition?

This commitment to safety has been effective in keeping our facilities safe. We have our successes to prove it.

This fall, the Mine Rescue Team at Mississippi Lime’s Ste. Genevieve site finished in first place overall in the annual competition at the 37th Annual Mine Rescue Competition held at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri. Besides placing first overall, our team placed second in Team Trainer, First Aid, Technical and Field. MLC’s team competed against other rescue teams from companies and universities in events ranging from written tests to disaster simulations.

And last May, our Verona site reached a significant safety milestone by completing eight consecutive years with no lost-time accidents at work. Other safety milestones (no recordable injuries) reached by MLC sites are: Weirton (10 years), Mobile (10 years), Chester (7 years), and Vicksburg (4 years).

We also consider safety off the job a priority. We want our employees to take the same level of attention to safe practices in their life outside of their job, as well. Safety equipment, when you are performing yard work or snow removal at home, can be just as important as it is in the plant.

Being aware of safety throughout your day pays off. There is one word we never take for granted, and it’s Safety.