William H. Ayers Elected to Mississippi Lime Company Board

January 20, 2015

Ayers-William-HST. LOUIS, MO – (January 13, 2015) – HBM Holdings announced the election of William H. Ayers, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mississippi Lime Company, a portfolio company of HBM Holdings, to the Mississippi Lime Company Board of Directors.

Michael DeCola, CEO of HBM Holdings, said that Ayers has been with Mississippi Lime for 15 years and has been a very strong contributor in each of the three roles he has held as VP of Sales & Marketing, VP of Operations, and President & Chief Operating Officer of Mississippi Lime.

“His leadership has been a strong factor in the growth and success of the Company. In this added role for Bill, he will be positioned to ensure the company’s future success,” DeCola said.

Ayers currently serves on the Boards of the National Lime Association and the Mining Engineering program of Missouri University of Science & Technology.